Electronic components

The experience of our engineers, their knowledge of the world market of electronic components and our cooperation with the best manufacturers and suppliers in Poland and abroad allow us to offer sales of electronic components.


Optimal price and time conditions for widely available elements, but also – and more importantly – for lines with limited availability

Regular deliveries that use a buffer established in our central warehouse in Gdańsk

Electronic components kitting – completing manufacturing BOMs

Based on our customer's list of elements, we ensure that the required components are fully complete.


Time savings for our customers

Our customers keep their money until the actual manufacturing begins

Large-volume and frequent purchases from official distributors enable us to ensure more competitive prices and conditions

Storage of purchased elements in SOFTCOM's warehouse

Optimal delivery times secure a seamless start of manufacturing processes



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Did you know that...

SOFTCOM has been operating in the electronic industry since 1999 as the first provider of printed circuits in Poland

Market knowledge - we cooperate with an international group of suppliers and recipients

We have modern warehousing and technological back office

We offer optimal price-to-value ratio

We provide friendly and professional customer service