SMD/THT assembly

Assembly SMD/SMT and the technology

New assembly line. New opportunities.

The new electronic circuit assembly line purchased by SOFTCOM allows you to have components of the smallest sizes assembled, as small as 01005.

We offer:

High-quality automatic surface mounting (SMD/SMT) and manual assembly (THT)
Assembly in accordance with standards IPC-A-610-E
Lead and lead-free assembly
Assembly devices with high degree of close packing
Preparing cable bunches, wiring
Assembly devices in non-standard cases
Assembly systems in cases, e.g. BGA, µBGA
Assembly small elements => 01005
X-ray testing
Marking serial numbers on printed circuits
Modules casting
Functional Certification Test, Automated Optical Inspection
Packaging to protect the modules during transportation (ESD)
Assembly either in toll manufacturing system or with own elements
Storing elements and PCBs while completing orders for recurring deliveries
Packages starting
Warranty and non-warranty repairs
BGA repairs

List of selected equipment in the SOFTCOM machinery park:

Silk-screen printer SMP200

Exceptionally precise application of the solder paste, optical control of the overprint, automatic cleaning of the template.
High volumetric precision and accuracy of the solder paste application on the perimeter and, hence, high quality of soldered joints.

Automated machines SM421 + Tray feeder STF1005
Equipped with six assembly heads each, they support the full range of available electronic components. One of the machines is equipped with an automatic tray feeder JEDEC, allowing for the smooth and automatic supply of elements without production shutdowns. Smart feeders ensure accurate identification and number of released elements.
Mounting of elements with the size from 01005, capacity 42,000 elements/hour. Full traceability and automatic optical control of positioned elements.

Vapour-Phase Vacuum Soldering System VP6000

Vapour-Phase VP6000 Soldering System with vacuum module significantly reduces the number of gas inclusions in solders, especially in balls of BGA circuits and under power elements. Thanks to the gas reduction in joints under power elements, the contact surface is increased, even up to 80% in comparison to the soldering without vacuum. Thanks to its operating principle, it allows for the assembly of both small and big elements, for instance, containing radiators, in one soldering cycle, without the physical risk that soldered components might overheat (Tmax=240°C). The combination of the vapour phase soldering technology and vacuum module guarantees high quality of soldered joints, which cannot be achieved in conventional reflow ovens.
No possibility of even accidental local overheating of elements, high-quality soldered joints, increased heat transmission coefficient of elements through soldered joints. Oxygen-free soldering. The combination of the Galden® vapour soldering process with the vapour module guarantees the highest possible bonding quality, unavailable with conventional ovens.

Annealing furnace MEMERT
Pre-annealing of elements before their positioning in the drying oven T40W.
Pre-removal of moisture from elements, special application in the instance of BGA elements or power LEDs.

Drying oven T40W-240
Fully automatic drying oven intended for the removal of humidity from elements and printed circuits in accordance with J-STD-033B. Temperature 40°C, humidity <5% RH.
Decreased risk of damage to components due to the accumulated humidity.

Cabinet for storing elements X2M-400
An ultra low humidity cabinet for storing humidity-sensitive elements in accordance with the requirements of J-STD-033B.
Specialist and long-term controlled storage of humidity-sensitive elements .

AOI Perform 5k 3D

This piece of equipment features high-quality optical modules, allowing for the analysis of elements from the smallest size of 01005.
Elimination of errors detected at the final installation phase SMD.

X Ray XD7500VR

X-Ray especially suitable for BGA circuits.
Detection of invisible short circuits, faulty welds, gas inclusions in welds.

Board washer OKO2000
A fully automatic washer for assembled modules, for the removal of process residues (fluxes), with the controlled level of ion purity.
Cleaning assembled modules of flux residues and other contaminants from the production process, additional ion control helps to increase the long-term reliability of modules through the removal of metal ions from their surfaces, which ions could lead to the build-up of zinc crystals, causing short circuits and damage to modules with longer life-cycles.

Board separator MAESTRO 2M
This piece of equipment is intended for separating assembled packages.
Thanks to its two thin blades, it allows for the separation of modules without straining the board, which happens in the instance of manual breaking. Quick and accurate post-assembly separation of scored panel boards. Enhanced reliability of the module through the reduction of microscopic cracks in elements, which can be damaged as a result of the impact of humidity penetrating through the cracks.



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