Printed circuit boards PCB

Since 1999, SOFTCOM has been specializing in delivering precise printed circuit boards. Our printed circuit boards are manufactured in plants equipped with the most advanced technological parks in the world.

The technology we offer includes:

Layers/Production Type:
double sided and multilayer 4, 6, 8, 10 (up to 40 layers)
flex and rigid-flex

Material Type:
Special material: ROGERS®, NELCO®, ARLON®, TACONIC®
or any other equivalent customer demand

Surface Finish Type:
HASL lead free, Flash Gold, ENIG, Immersion silver, Immersion Tin , OSP, Hard gold plating, ENIG+OSP, ENIG+G/F

green, green matt, blue, black, white, red, yellow

white, black, yellow

8 µm - 210 µm
(combined 35-18µm, 35-70µm)
standard 35µm

PCB thickness:
0,13- 7,00mm
standard 1,55mm

E-Test - in standard 100% circuit efficiency
impedance control – attach a separate protocol, certifying the fulfillment of the required design parameters

Min. Value:
min. hole size 0,1mm – laser drilling
min. pad 10 mils
min. space/distance between tracks – 2 mils

Additional Operations:
peelable solder mask
depth milling
blind and burried vias
micro vias
HDI type (RCC and LDPP)
production of different boards, made in one panel - up to 10 different pcb

*Printed circuit boards manufactured according to international safety and quality standards: IPC-2 CLASS (IPC-A-600, IPC-RB-276, IPC-SM-840), UL®, ISO 9001

*All printed circuit boards offered by SOFTCOM bear an Underwriters Laboratories certificate No. E327520

What is more:
Short delivery times
Attractive payment terms
Cost-efficient panellization of circuit boards for assembly
Printed circuit boards delivery includes design verification by our engineers which ensures that any possible errors are detected and corrected

SOFTCOM-supplied printed circuit boards come with a QUALITY AND 100% EFFICIENCY GUARANTEE.

ECO Prototyp and MIX Prototyp offer, with short turnaround times and no costs of long-time documentation for:
Individual circuits
Individual forms
Various circuits assembled into a format

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Did you know that...

SOFTCOM has been operating in the electronic industry since 1999 as the first provider of printed circuits in Poland

Market knowledge - we cooperate with an international group of suppliers and recipients

We have modern warehousing and technological back office

We offer optimal price-to-value ratio

We provide friendly and professional customer service