SMD stencils

SOFTCOM offers laser-cut steel stencils for soldering paste application.

Very high precision and long life ensure trouble-free multiple reuse

Maintaining constantly high parameters, especially in the case of complicated printed circuits with pads for fine-pitch cases, BGA, etc.

Minimization of a stencil remanufacturing costs thanks to high quality steel

Stencils of any size, on metal sheet of various thickness (typically, the sheet of 0.10 mm is used) with price dependant on the number of pads for SMDs

Stencils inserted into frames with required dimensions

Stencils with gradual sheet thickness

Short turnaround times

The advantages of laser cut stencils:

the lack typical for etched stencils jagged shape of edges, even for stencils made from comparatively thick sheet of metal,

the straight edges of the whole cut by laser enable easy and complete dividing of soldering paste from lifted stencil. By this, we avoid the situation in which the part of the paste stays on the pad, which can make it impossible to solder,

there is no need for using the film as a indirect medium, the files saved in gerber format are used directly for driving the laser cutter,

short time of realization of the order, there is no need to send the films, Customer can just send data with e-mail,

the production process is environment-friendly, no chemical detergents are used, there is no waste problem.

the best advantage of the laser cut stencils the noticeable reduction of the two main errors conducted during the process of putting the soldering paste. These are: short-circuits, caused by putting too much paste, or not precise masking and lack of connection caused by insufficient covering of the pad by the paste.

Etched stencils: 6300 cases per million
Laser cut stencils: 150 cases per million

Etched stencils: 5230 cases per million
Laser cut stencils: 55 cases per million



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