Complex service EMS

Our comprehensive service has been created in order to streamline our customers' operations by transferring selected planning and purchasing stages in the device manufacturing process to an external company that specializes in the field – that is to SOFTCOM.

Schedule for a comprehensive service delivery:

Valuation – optimization of the project execution costs.

Verification of the offer and placing the order – agreeing details of elements completion and delivery times.

SOFTCOM provides the supply of printed circuit boards (including files control in the manufacturing process and technological and project support), and/or the supply of stencils for paste/glue application, and/or components completion; verification of efficiency of all completed elements, and/or full assembly.

SOFTCOM takes care of the logistics of the entire process, including storage of elements and circuits.

The customer receives an assembled module, securely packaged, ready for immediate implementation in their own manufacturing processes.

Benefits of SOFTCOM's comprehensive service:

Time savings – SOFTCOM offers optimal prices and delivery times, relieving the customer from running time-consuming market research and vendor selections for individual elements necessary to complete the order.

Quality guaranty – SOFTCOM issues a guaranty for its printed circuits, elements, stencils and assembled modules. All procedures comply with SOFTCOM's privacy policy.

Money savings – entrusting one company – SOFTCOM – with the entire order brings financial savings by limiting various transportation and cooperation with multiple vendor costs.

Technical and logistics support – ensured by extensive knowledge and experience of our engineers and specialists.

Flexibility – our offer is always optimally adjusted to our customers' needs: we offer assembly works with customer-provided or our own elements.

Privacy policy – guarantee of safety and confidentiality of all documentation received from the customer.


Sample combinations:
delivery of PCBs + stencils + assembly; elements completion + assembly; circuits + elements delivery.

Of course, deliveries of only PCBs or elements are also possible.

The offer of the comprehensive service is a package adjusted to the specific needs of our customers, which is the reason for its wide scope and flexibility.



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Did you know that...

SOFTCOM has been operating in the electronic industry since 1999 as the first provider of printed circuits in Poland

Market knowledge - we cooperate with an international group of suppliers and recipients

We have modern warehousing and technological back office

We offer optimal price-to-value ratio

We provide friendly and professional customer service